December 10, 1997  Wednesday

Very nice story Jake, and quite entertaining.  Now listen to what really happened…

I headed to Walmart with Brandon, Tom, and Jake to Christmas presents for Mom, Dad, and Nicole.  I told them they could just leave me there, because it wold take me a while to find gifts for Carlsons.  When I was finally done, I went to the ATM machine to withdraw some money (I had none with me at the time), but the machine told me to “try again later.”  This had never happened before, but with no money, there would be no presents, and no ride home in a nice warm taxi.  A worker there said the next closest machine was near the K-mart, so I walked a good mile to K-mart, the this second machine repeated the same phrase, “try again later.”  What was I going to do?  Walking home was not out of the question, but it wasn’t something I really wanted to do, going across the width of Macomb, Illinois at 10:30 at night.  I went back into K-mart.  At the customer service desk was Sara a sorority sister of Lexi Trapp, and lives in the Phi Sigma Sigma house as well.  I told her all about it, and she couldn’t remember the machines having that message before.  Stranded miles from Thompson, I walked across the lot Hardee’s, and called the dorm to see if Jen Parry could pick me up, one of the few I knew if a car (the manager stayed a few extra minutes so I wouldn’t have to stand in the cold).  Eventually I was picked up by Jen Parry and D.  Next time I’ll just check the ATM machine beforehand.

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