History & Politics

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln in Edwardsville: The Moral Idea is Boldly Suggested


Yellow Journalism on the Prairie: Illinois Ablaze Amid the Lincoln-Douglas Debates in a Political Fire Flamed by the Ink of Partisan Newsprint

That Reminds Me of a Story: Lincoln’s Metaphors and His Audience

D.W. Griffith’s Lincoln: The Great Southern Heart

He’s Still Remembered Reverently By Used Car Dealers



The Pain in Your Side is Democracy (I Think) (2016)

The Old New Soapbox (2016)

An Outlandish Note of How to Thumb the Eye of Times Like These (2016)


General History

Running For Madam President: The Women and the Long History Brief Campaigns to Win the White House (coming soon)

44: An Oral History of the Election of Barack Obama

Thomas Jefferson, New Virginian

More Than Might: Gilgamesh and Rethinking Acceptable Power in Ancient Mesopotamia

Weaving the Threads of a Frayed People: Historically Confronting Isolation as Political Product and Cultural Force of Societal Paradigm Shifts

Carl Schorske and Creating a Future Without a Past

Mideval Pop Culture Revealed by a Simple Miller: Oral Traditions and Folk Beliefs Filled the Gaps

The Times Were A’Changin’… to Fit Profit Margins and Gauge Moral Worth

Geertz and the Value of Thick Discription

Lovejoy, Curti & the History of Ideas



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