The Expedition Back to Walmart

December 11, 1997  Thursday

Thursday, and I was still present-less from the mess that was last night, so I set out again to buy from the far northwest end to Macomb to the for east side (I got my money from the Union before I went–no problems).  It was just one of those time, those days, that I wanted to take off for somewhere, and had a couple hours to do it in.  I reached the downtown by 12:30, and stopped in at Disc & Dat.  In the used CD section I was a copy of Journey’s Greatest Hits.  The floor could get some use out of this, I thought.

Perhaps I will skip over “Open Arms” though. Before last winter, I had never heard the song, and I didn’t vote for it as the prom song.  The song would make other appearances.  It was playing on May 10th, just coming in the radio after I returned to my room from Peoria.  I sat down at my computer, flicked on the radio, and there it was.  When Katie Looker and Sara, her roommate, and I driving driving east to Illinois State last month, we stopped quickly in the tiny town of Delevan.  While there, Katy sat down at a piano and began to play.  What were the chances it would be “Open Arms?”  Earlier than that, in the first days of October, it showed its Steve Perry face again.  I was back in Elmwood for the weekend, for Elmwood’s Homecoming, and had been at the dance for a while.  Sidney took a break from dancing from Ricky Booker, and came over to dance one with me.  We went out onto the dance floor, and talked as we swayed to the upbeat music.  I think I was discussing the tortures of having just having discovered poison ivy, when that sad-sack, piano-plinking melody filled the gym.

Alright, back to the present, and getting presents.  By 1:30 I had reached Walmart, Macomb’s only real place for mass consumerism.  For my sister Nicole a bought a porcelain doll, which she’ll love.  For Mom and Dad I bought our answering machine (it may not be flashy, but it’s practical, a motto they should get matching tattoos of).

Kerri-from-the-summer called in the afternoon, and came over later tonight.  Her great-grandmother had just died, and she remembered what I great listener I had been, wanted to talk about it, and things in general.  It was great to see her again.  Of the other people who made up my first taste of Western, Mark my roommate has transferred to another school, Hiro I haven’t seen for a while, and even thought I saw him a few times at the beginning of the semester, I quickly grew tired of Prakash’s negative views.  But, to end positively, I wish them all well.









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