A Study in Dreams 8: A Prom Nightmare

April 18, 1997  Friday

I have always had more profound dreams as big events draw near.  For example, every year as school is beginning or ending, I have my most interesting dreams.  Right now the big upcoming event is prom–but it wasn’t a great dream by any means.

I believe Hoke, Sidney, and myself were at Casey’s General Store in Brimfield.  It is prom night, but we haven’t gone home yet to change yet.  Hoke and I try to wait for Sidney in Hoke’s car, I suppose as she continues to browse inside.  We finally decide we can’t wait, for some reason, and we should go home and get dressed. We head for Elmwood leaving Sidney behind.

Once home, I run downstairs, trying to get my tux together, but in true dream fashion, not everything is there.  I struggle to get into my tux, hopping around the room, and I remember looking up at the clock.  It said 9:30, and I had already missed half of prom.



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