Sidney’s Unbirthday

April 18, 1997  Friday

As I woke up today, my first thought was of all the fun ahead, and I was excited.  When I got to school Sidney had yet to arrive.  Willa had decorated her locker and put a lot of junk inside, that would spill out upon opening.  I tried to avoid her during the morning (an unintentional birthday gift?) , but at lunch it was time to sit right next to her.  She still hadn’t said anything to me about her birthday being tomorrow.  While she was quickly got to retrieve some napkins, I asked Emma to start talking about the unmentioned birthday when Sidney returned.  I then acted like I wasn’t paying attention, suddenly finding my spaghetti fascinating.  I then started to talk about this Beanie Baby cat I had gotten the day before, for a later clue.  The table must have wondered why I even had one, or deemed it lunch conversation.

In third hour I decided how I would give her first, small present:  We were to have a class meeting in the gym during Homeroom, so I planned to deposit the gift in her locker after she had departed for the gym.  At the meeting we talked a little about what Senior Week would be like.  After that, we filled out sheets for things like “best eyes” and class clown.”

At the end of Homeroom I walked with Sidney to her locker, filling the time with some chatter.  At I got my books out she discovered the package.  Immediately she went to the English room, where Aimee Leinart was, because she was certain either Aimee or Willa had done it.  I walking past her on the way to English class too, acting interested in what she was carrying, and asked who it was from.  She finally opened it, but it wasn’t until she in the hallway again did she realize who it was from.  From there she stared back in the room at me with a smirk on her face.  I went out to join her in the hallway.  Just then did she realize the silver bracelet about the small cat’s neck wasn’t any bracelet, but one of the bracelets.    As she was going back into class she reminded me we should get together to get the corsage and boutonniere.

I had to leave at 1:50  for baseball, so I didn’t get a chance in English class to write Mr. Beres’s essay about getting assignments done.  He said  I could turn it in Monday, and I was just about to leave the room when he thought better of it, and said, “Actually, write it tonight and then drop it by my house tomorrow.”  Yikes.  As I was leaving, walking down the hall, I stuck a note in Sidney’s locker that read:

“Happy Birthday, and you’re welcome, but you don’t know yet what for.”

As I rode the bus to Henry, Illinois, I wrote notes about today’s happenings in the margins of my book, The Count of Monte Cristo.  Coach Slapeck promised to take us to McDonald’s if we didn’t make a single error.  That didn’t happen, but we did win 6-2.  We played one of our best games of the year, and we really upbeat.  Just as the last out was made it started to sprinkle and then rain.

We won’t have practice tomorrow, so I can go to Scholastic Bowl.  If the track meet is cancelled, for Sidney, this might be the best opportunity to get the flowers for prom.  I also need to get shoes.  I am also playing a JV game Monday at Roanoke.



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