Tidbits Part XXI: The Tidbit Strikes Back

March 12, 1997  Wednesday

A week into baseball (practice) and I can say it’s resoundingly … fine.  It is without a doubt a drain, but it does have its good points.  I love catching pop-flies in the outfield. I could do it all day.  Probably though the thing I like most is lifting.  I find it very appealing and gratifying, and I’ve learned all the basics of the weight room that fretted me as a sophomore.  Of course baseball isn’t all fans, games, and autographs.  No sir.  We run so much you’d think we’re Forrest Gump!  Oh well.  It’s just something I have to do.

As sort of vindication, I have come to the opinion it would be more significant for me to make it through the season than most.  The more athletic people (aka everybody else) have their skill to help guide them, while I bumble through.  The better players undoubtedly have more pressure on them to perform than I do, but they have the ability.

Today I turned in the poster I made for “Pi Day” (3-14).  This year, because of the re-release of Star Wars-mania I incorporated the film into my poster.

I showed Sidney what I had written about my recent dreams.  She commented that I’m weirder asleep than when I’m awake.  When I asked what her dreams were like, she said hers were logical and normal.  I was sorry to hear that, because such dreams sound boring.  Actually, I haven’t had very good dreams since baseball started.  Either way they are uninteresting or I can’t remember them.  There may be some reasons for this: 1) I am not allowing myself to relax and let my mind drift freely 2) I my be too tried to have well-formed dreams.  Anyway, I’m not really that big into dreams, usually, if I’ve given that impression.

As for myself and ordinary, generic waking things, everything’s fine.  I’m finishing up a paper tonight to submit for a scholarship.  My story “The Tale of the Two Deaths” has now been submitted to Western, and will go April 11th to Macomb for its Literary Festival.  All of us seniors are coming down with varying cases of a certain “-itis.”  Prom is set for the end of April.  Graduation is slated for Math 18th.  I’m graduating from high school.  Soon I’ll be in college.  Just the thought of it is strange.

May the Tidbit be with you,

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