March 15, 1997 Saturday

Madness is running rampant in March.  I believe Kansas will win it all, as do most people.  The biggest reason I’m filling out this year’s bracket is because I’ve made a bet once again with Mr. Mavetz.  I’ve lost all the bets I’ve ever made with him, so sooner or later I have to win.

Last night I went to Return of the Jedi with Hoke, Gil Siepel, and Josh Britton.  It was the first time I have seen a movie on its opening night.  There were many new scenes, most of them at the beginning and at the end.  Over all the new footage improved it, but I groaned through an early, unexpected song.  For the first time we didn’t go with Sidney, Willa, or Rachel Kroll.  It wasn’t that they didn’t want to go, we just didn’t ask them.  I guess the other three felt it should be a guys’ night out.  Something tells me this was not a wise choice.

The last week we have been watching a recent television adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels with Ted Danson in English class.  I thought it was so excellent and thought-provoking I rented it uptown at Silver Screen Video and saw it again today.  We could learn a lot from its tale, and on more than one level.

Continuing on with the Jonathan Swift portion of this entry, I found a very intriguing quote of his, from an excerpt in my English book.  The quip’s significance concerning this journal should be easily understood:

“If a man would register all over his opinions upon love, politics, religion learning, etc.  beginning from his youth, and go on to old age, that a bundle of inconsistencies and contradictions would appear at least.”

Preach, Jonny,

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