Voices From the Past

February 12, 1997  Wednesday

In this journal are stock-piled probably ten of thousands of words.  Some of these words were just what the moment called for and expressed just how I felt.  In some cases the words chosen just sounded kind of cool.  I was thinking to myself what I could write about, and then the idea come to me to make a list of my favorite bits of journal quotes so far. Alright now, don’t get too excited.  Let’s get his things underway:


November 25, 1994  (Introduction)
The players in his book are the players, the actors that play their role, good or bad, big or small, in the play of my life story.

November 28, 1994
Maybe I don’t know this all-powerful secret that I’ve missed all my life … or it could be I have the coordination and athletic skill of a retarded wallaby.

December 23, 1994
Spanish.  By the last page I didn’t understand the directions.  I looked around the room at the other guys.  Ray Browning stared straight ahead (he must have overloaded).  Tim Meers was banging his head on his desk.  Brice shook his head, and Mike Mullins, well, Mike just sort of sat there.  I hope he’s okay.

January 10, 1995
This way no one knows, and I am safe on the sidelines.

February 23, 1995
…I should have stayed on the sidelines.

September 8, 1996
While out by the tracks I talked to Hoke about other possible dates.  It looked bleak.  We were down to family members, a dating service, and an inflatable woman.

  September 8, 1996
So now it will be a foursome for Homecoming.

September 8, 1996
I am committed to staying with the facts and how I honestly feel.  It would do no good to exaggerate a point or hide my feelings, for that would go against every reason for this journal: an accurate and honest account of past, present and future events. …It would be cheating myself if it was anything else.

October 10, 1996
…no matter what we do, we do it because at that moment it seems like the right things to do.

October 30, 1996
You certainly can be strange at times, or should I say all the time.


October 31, 1996
I truly believe I am a good friend for the people who have taken the time to get to know me.

October 31, 1996
When I don’t talk I get to sit back and enjoying listening to everyone and thing around me.  You’d be surprised what you would learn.

November 3, 1996
Maybe I’m afraid of forgetting.  Then, and eerier thought enters my mind.  Maybe I’m afraid of being forgotten.

November 4, 1996
Today in French class we were given a seven-page article on cheese.  In English (I’m not making this up.  Even I couldn’t make this up).

November 4, 1996
There is nothing better than being happy.

-Leslie K

November 5, 1996
If I have learned anything from today’s culture, it is that an idea isn’t old until it’s been completely beaten to death.

November 21, 1996
Only until you try to remember do you learn how much you have forgotten.

November 22, 1996
I didn’t try to draw a negative pictures of myself, just an accurate one. It’s really not that bad being me.  After all, I do it everyday.

November 25, 1996
And no more entries like “An Emma Kind of Day.”  Geeze … what was I thinking?

January 7, 1997
I really wish I had more to say … I simply have no idea what to write about.  It’s like trying to yell with no air in your lungs.

January 8, 1997
Chance is not something to be feared, but embraced.  …we never know for sure what the day will bring, but only the foolish interpret chance as something that only has negative repercussions.

January 11, 1997
When I write I try to be dramatic, poetic, and interesting.  Perhaps sometimes I forget then to insert “clarity.” Of course, if I was clear about what I was talking about, that would hardly be like me.

January 11, 1997
For me a mist has started to form.  Time has faded what has been … Events converting to memories.  People changing to shadows, voices fading to echoes.  Remembrances crumbling to dream-like vagueness.  The resulting images of haziness are all that remain.

January 13, 1997
…Superman’s new costume is blue with white stripes … and no cape.  No more red boots?  NO MORE CAPE?!  NO MORE RED “S”?  What is the world coming to?  Is nothing sacred?  AAHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

January 19, 1997
I am confident now that this journal could accurately represent me.

February 3, 1997
…I plan to keep this Valentine’s Day simple.  No roses are going in lockers, or anyplace else for that matter.

February 4, 1997
I write this to show I am not a meek, hard, bumbling thing I appear to be. Well, maybe in some respects I am, but I know there is so much more.  I want to prove there is a blazing flame of thought, sensitivity, and wonder inside of me, instead of perhaps a perceived … nothing?

February 7, 1997
…I’m going to Scholastic Bowl.  I really have to choice, there’s no way I’m not going.  Have you ever had a six-seven, three hundred pound Slav mad at you?  Neither have I, and I intend to keep it that way.

February 10, 1997
My old life, and everything I know, will be gone.  My class will be shattered and scattered throughout the country (this is the sad part if you hadn’t guessed).

February 11, 1997
As long as I have this journal they will always be with me.


This entry ran a little longer than I had planned, but I kept finding little quotes that I just thought were perfect.  Think of this as Life, a Fish, and Something to Tap Your Toes To as We Ride: The Condensed Version.

Memory lane’s 1,000 miles long,












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