Memories Like These

February 12, 1997

Sometimes you just don’t know how much fun you’re in store for.  It was planned that tonight a group of us would go to see Star Wars in Peoria.  We did, yet so much else happened.

Tonight was Senior Night at the basketball game.  Before the game all the people in my class in band and basketball were honored before the varsity game.  For the game itself, we faced the Peoria Heights Patriots.  It was close the entire game, and everyone got into it.  During a time out, the cheerleaders started to chant “E-H-S!  E-H-S!”  They were holding the appropriate letters, but they mistakenly spelled “SHE”  Funny.

Anyway, back to the game.  After Peoria Heights tied it with the last shot, was 69-69, and we headed into overtime.  We were tied again with one second on the game in the extra frame.  A Peoria Heights player shot and missed, but for some reason Jake Pruitt fouled him beyond the arc.  The Patriots made all three.  The ball was inbounded for the Trojans, and someone tried a three-fourths court shot.  The ball hit the backboard, and bounced off the inside of the rim as the horn sounded.  What a game.  If you ever look up “heart-breaker,” you’ll find that loss.

We had all planned to go to the ten o’clock showing of Star Wars at Landmark.  That is, the original plan was just Hoke, me, John Britton, and Gill Siepel to go.  Eariler that day I had told Sidney we were going, and she wanted to see it too.  By the time it was all set there were not the four of us going, but also Sidney, her sister Cilla, Cilla’s friend Mandy Oldman, Willa, and Rachel Kroll as well (Not all in the same car, of course.  That would be silly).  Amazingly we made great time, and got there just before the movie began.  Everyone liked it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did this when The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi comes out.

Tomorrow I’m going to work at LG Seeds until noon because we’re off for Lincoln’s Day.  Then Hoke wants to go train watching.

Thursday should be a lot of fun.  First of all, I’ll get out of Trig and Accounting to take an applied math test.  At 9:30 I’m going on an Art trip to Bradley University.

Nights like these are the reason I keep this journal.  I want to remember all of us cheering for a victory that just didn’t happen.  I want to remember us all sitting in the theater, even if our minds were galaxies away.  It was a good night, but we should have won.







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