Tidbits Part XV: The Special Edition

January 15, 1997  Wednesday

We didn’t have school last Friday, but the icy weather wasn’t half as bad it is now.  We’ve gotten five inches of snow both yesterday and today.  Today every district around us except us and Brimfield canceled school. It wasn’t much though–just your average combination of snow, ice, and fog.  We weren’t dismissed early either (but I didn’t really mind because it was an “A” day).  It is gets even better (as the weather gets worse): the conditions were so bad I couldn’t go out to LG Seeds to work after school.  It was decided this afternoon, however, to call off school for tomorrow.  The same conditions (drifting snow and a -50 degree wind chill) is also forecasted for Friday.  With Martin Luther King Jr. Day this Monday we are set up for a possible 5-day weekend (I wonder if I’ll have to work tomorrow?)

I’ve finished the book Flowers for Algernon.  It was very good.  More precisely, I feel I could relate to his recording of thoughts, and his desire to improve himself.  The dark twist of getting what you wished for is worth some thought.  By some coincidence we are going to read “Paradise Lost” in English.  If you don’t know, that is the book Charlie reads as he is starting to lose the intelligence he has gained, thus being driven from his Garden.

I am pretty excited to see a certain movie.  They are re-releasing Star Wars.  They are also adding all-new scenes and ones cut from the original film.  Then, every month (or at least I’ve heard) the other two films will be released with the same cleanup treatment.  Even better, the first of the “prequels” should soon be ready for the theatres.

I also started on my senior project, a pastel collage, today in Art.  It is going to take a very long time, but if I do it right, it could be the finest thing I’ve ever done–at least that’s what I’m shooting for.  I am collecting items that make up me: my baseball grove, books, pictures of friends, a few of my drawings, a Superman comic and more.  Then I will take a picture of it, and finally (the longest part will be) I will sketch it all out and color it will pencils.  The size of it, about 40 inches long and  20 inches tall, will mean it might take the rest of the semester.

A few days ago it was announced the Spring play will be Oklahoma!  A lot of seniors want to go out for it.  I’ve been asked if I want to, and I would, but I am going to play baseball.


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