What Is This World Coming To?

January 13, 1997  Monday

Despite a few turns for the worse I am alright.  Well, maybe not quite “alright,” but I seem to be coping, improving.

The first of my problems is that the green bay packers are going to Super Bowl XXXI.  What’s worse, they’re pretty assured to win over the AFC’s New England Patriots.  I already owe a certain History teacher a week’s worth of ice cream, that I bring to him to the teacher’s lounge or to his classroom during lunch.  Mr. Mavetz is now impossible to be around.

I’m sad.  I’m shocked.  I’m depressed.  I’m in denial.  Where should I begin?  In Art today, Colin asked me casually, as we doodled away at our shared group of workspaces, “So, what do you think about Superman’s costume changing?”  Stunned, I asked him what the heck he was talking about.  The guy had to be joking.  Everyone around me seemed to know about it too, like an old Twilight Zone episode.  How could I miss something like that?

Anyway, Colin said Superman’s new costume is completely blue with white stripes–and no cape.  No more red boots?  NO MORE RED CAPE?!  NO MORE RED “S”?!!  What is this world coming to? Is nothing sacred?  AAHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!  I better stop before I have an ulcer, seizure, coma, or worse.

All of the other fronts are quiet.  Too quiet…



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