Colin Klimt Experinces the Summer Fun

July 12, 1998  Wednesday

I finally got a hold on Colin at midday yesterday.  Bored, he wondered if he would come down to Macomb, to which I replied he was always welcome.  He left Elmood at 4:30.  Sharom came down to my room a few hours later.  We played Rummy (I killed her, 1040-560) and ordered pizzas while waiting for my friend to arrive.  At seven I called Colin’s house to ask if he ever left.  His mom said he had indeed left at 4:30, and she was really concerned.  8:00… no Colin.  9:00… no Colin.  10:00… still no Colin.  It takes only over a hour to get to Macomb!  FINALLY–at 10:30– he called from the lobby to say he had made it.  The story?  Colin had a brand new eyebrow ring, which he had gotten in Chillicothe after he left Elmwood.  The wait at the piercing place was an extremely long one, and then he had to drive across four counties to ger here.  I’m just glad to did show up.  Oh, by the Colin’s parents don’t know about the piercing yet.  So, Sharon, Colin and I talked for a long time, and then finished the night off by watching Dumb and Dumber in D.J.’s room.

Colin went with Sharon, Joe, and I to the house church today.  I had told hm many stories, so he had to see the place for himself.  The house church is always slightly odd, but today it was just weird.

Jennifer Rabchuck, Jim’s wife, came back to where we were all sitting amd said hi to Sharon and not to the rest of us.  Just the beginnnig.  Colin said the service was a little strange, and did not particularly enjoy the call and response prayer.  I was with him on that, but he said he was glad to have finally experiences the “cult.”

Jennifer reappeared after the service, and began asking odd questions about my classes, like if I have “any Asian professors for my classes,” and since not, why not.  It was also the way she asked it, like I was under a hot light.  She asked other things too.  I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable, and Colin took notice of her behavior too.  A thought about the rest of the night.  I have never done this before, but went so far to call Jennifer and ask what that had been about.  She seemed surprised, and she said she had not meant anything by it.  Still…

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