A Few Things

July 29, 1998  Wednesday

Sharon helped me create a wesite in the evening, and it looks pretty good.  I have named it Secondrateparadise, and it will have everything to do with me.  I plan to put Is Anybody Out There? and Memoirs from the Edge on it–just in severly condensed forms.  First of all, I don’t have the time to type it all, and don’t think my thoughts should be littering the world.

To the protest of our stomachs, Aaron, Jill, and I ate in the cafeteria.  The standards for the summer are greatly dimenshied, you see.  The pizza puffs were almost up to FDA regulations, and I had my hundredth bowl of jello.  Sharon didn’t eat much as usual because of her very real problem with her stomach.  I’m looking forward to the inconsistant but norishing food of home.

Just got back from Aaron’s room where we watched Air Force One.

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