Sunday Once Again

October 8, 2006  Sunday


On Sundays I try to make up for the rest of the week and send something of some significance.  I have been glad to still get mail from you; I know the new school year can be busy, but I’ve been glad to read that some nights are not as hectic.  I am doing my best to get through October, and not think yet too much about already being home.  Soon I will be requesting my terminal leave, perhaps in the next week.  I have finished reading autobiographies on F. Douglass and W. Churchill, and am reading Hamlet.  To help me out I am actually performing it to myself.

As it is another Sunday I have the Bears game to look forward to, but I am most looking forward to watching the final games at home.  At the same time I am writing this I am looking the SIUE website, but as I do not yet have web access as a student I am limited.  I think a lot about what my house with Andy will look like, being on campus and studying, and this is starting to translate into my dreams.  At the same time I am becoming (in my mind) more and more a civilian, I am not being thought of as such yet by those I work for, so I have been struggling to remain, for the time being, in the mind frame of a sailor.  I’m sorry you didn’t get a few of the pics, they were from Benin and Ghana.  I will be sure to have them all on my laptop, and I will play you a slide show of it all once I am home.  Nearly there, neatly there…  Have a nice day, and be sure to do something fun.


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