Another Happiness

July 13, 2006  Thursday


Another happiness I’ve realized today is that most of my close group on the ship are all E-5s, better known as Second Class Petty Officers.   It isn’t really like a “class” like you would have in school, or I once had, but there are parallels.  Our common touchstones are similar length of time in the Navy, time on a ship, an experience with the everyday unharmoniousness we endure–and burgeoning dreams of another, more earth-bound existence.  I suppose what I am very happy for is to have made E-5 myself last December, or I would not feel as much a part of everything. Of the people I see the most some are my friends, and some are merely my co-workers. If they not my friends, it is because I am on the other side a fence that I cannot and do not wish to cross.

The meal tonight was my favorite: Southern night with fried chicken, black-eyed peas, yams, and collard greens.  It made me think of recent Thanksgivings at other people’s family’s tables, along this long, strange odyssey of mine.

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