From Mollie In Japan


Janaury 25, 2005  Monday

This afternoon was the last of the workshops for attention and memory.  The power points were nice and the officer was helpful, but I don’t know how much good it will ultimately do for me.

Very good news- I finally received an email from Mollie, my first since early December:


 there is so much that i want to share with you.  i would like to talk with you on the phone but i can sum it up in a nutshell.  i am learning so much about life and perceptions.  i admit i am a bit disappointed in the culture here because i guess i thought that i would get a chance to see the traditional japanese culture without having to set aside a specific day and touring to some remote ancient museum type establishment.  all i see is western style and it is like living in new york.  everywhere i go hip hop is the number one choice.  i have yet to see tokyo since it is so cold and you know me i am not a winter person when having to rely on a train.  the people however are very friendly and they love to allow me to practice my japanese with them.  i am learning to speak quite a bit and it is fun.  i think of you a lot (more than i would like to ) i must admit.  i hope you are faring well.  from your email it sounds as if you are doing fine.  you are lucky that you were able to go home for the holidays.  i will probably get the chance to see the states in spring of 2006.  our ship is in dry dock right now.  our carrier, the kitty hawk, went to thailand and indonesia to help out with the disaster victims.  i recently had a breakdown because i was having a hard time dealing with the idea that i could not go and help.  also my adjustment to certain aspects of my workspace (of which i can go into detail in person because the ITs monitor what we right about on ships email).  i had to seek the chaplain.  as far as my learning and my job are concerned i seem to be doing a “job well done.”  the idea of staying in for 20 has crossed my mind.  i like being a sailor.  i LOVE living at sea.  and i like the comradery that comes with the whole lifestyle.  i am making some friends.  it takes time for me to allow people in my space and in my circle. . . i mostly role solo and i will meet others and conversate.  i am glad that potter and a few others from ASW are out here so that i don’t feel so lonely.  my patriotism has grown stronger and there is definitely an invisible uneasiness that hovers in the air aobut the WWII thing.  yet i understand why there are those places out in town that are japanese only. 

i read a lot and i have been investing in season dvds (south park, sponge bob, spagheti westerns with clint eastwood, etc.).  and get this:  i got a chance to go on the vandergriff, the ship you were originally assigned to.  WOW frigates are small!  you are right.  it was moored along side my ship for a long while, and now they are next to us again during our dry dock period.  it would have been like living next door to you. . . isn’t that neat?  i wish you were here, poppi.  who knows, maybe one day you can visit.  then you could see me play rugby on the ship’s team ( my new passion).  Rugby and knitting to be exact.  i can tell you all  about that later too if you like.

well this must be the longest email i have ever written you.  have fun out there.  i probably cross your mind when you cross mine because that is just the way things work.  have a good day.



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