The Two Hour Call

April 11, 1997  Friday

Tonight about five-thirty Hoke called to say Sidney couldn’t make it to Star Wars in Elmwood tonight, but we tomorrow we can all go.  He also told me Willa asked Gil Siepel to prom.  I’m really happy she decided to come with us.  Now it looks like we’ll get a limo.

Around six-thirty Sidney called.  She basically ran to through everything Hoke said, but then we just kept talking.  We talked a little about prom.  I finally relented and gave an accurate, non-jokey, description of my tux.  She was worried she won’t look good in her gown, but she shouldn’t.  She will look great.

Sidney also said she is going to start keeping a journal again.  A little shock flew through me, as I sat in the dining room with the phone next to my ear.  I was happy to hear this, as it sounded optimistic–that she had things she wanted to remember again.  Maybe I helped play a small part too, with my own.  First she is going to try it for a week.  She will let me read it, she said.  I told her I was envious,  because she has yet to begin the first page, and everything she writes will be new.  I feel at times you–

(From 2016: The ending to this entry on the following page is unfortunately currently missing. Hope to update, but you probably get the idea.)



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  1. I particularly like the idea of the broken ending, leaving us hanging.

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