My Glory Days: A Tale of Trials and Tribulations on the Diamond

March 4, 1997  Tuesday

I  had wanted to write last night about my first night of baseball practice, but I was just too tired.  Our practice tonight was let our early, and I am semi-conscience, so now’s as good a time as any.

Yet before I go onto baseball, I’ll tell you about going to see Empire Strikes Back Sunday.  After my grandma Connor’s 73rd birthday party got over at my house, I went to Hoke’s house a few blocks away.  A 9:30 Hoke and I picked up his cousin Jack and we headed again for Landmark Cinema in Peoria.  All told, the people who went this time (after Star Wars) was Hoke, Josh Britton, Gill Siepel, Sidney, her sister Cilla, and Rachel Kroll.  It was fun, but for some reason Sidney thought the movie was hilarious, and kept bursting out in uncontrollable laughter.  I had always thought it was the most depressing or serious of the three. Oh well.

Back to baseball now.  Yesterday started practice, as you know.  We divided into three groups that day and went through separate stations, rotating clockwise.  This is also what we did two years ago, and what we will do each day this season.  Yesterday we lifted at the end of practice.  I like lifting, as I like the idea of getting stronger and looking better.  Afterwards I wasn’t sore as I predicted, but when I got home the tiredness hit me.  After dragging around the house I simply went to bed at 7:30, and slept until I got up for school at seven.

Today’s practice really wasn’t that bad.  We again went through the stations.  I had the end of practice in my mind the entire time, because there were rumors of running two miles at the end.  Running a little is fine (a mile?), and I’m ready to get in shape, but I didn’t go out of cross-country or track.

The following Elmwoodians are on the team:

Josh Harms, Sr.
Lance Stratford, Sr.
Ed Langford, So.
Jeremy Biggs, Fr.
Will “Doc” Carlson, Sr.
Gordon Hickham, Fr.

One last thing about baseball.  I asked my manager Mr. Slapeck about the new uniforms I heard they had gotten, and he said they were black pullovers with red letting.  That’s too bad.  I had really liked those grey button-ups.

I also wanted to give a Scholastic Bowl update, as I’m a part of that, too.  Last Thursday night the team went to Astoria for our weekly three matches.  We got swept, but I answered one question.  Now our record is 9-9, but it seems it should be better.  Willa is first in the Prairieland Conference with almost 60 questions answered, and Josh Britton is third.

Amazingly, in two months will be prom.  Hoke and I have both thought about this.  The idea I’m strongly for is to get a bunch of us together and simply go for fun.  The people I refer to as “the group” are Hoke, me, Sidney, Willa, and anyone else who wants to.  I don’t want to get into a complicated thing either.  Prom for me will be about a bunch of friends getting together for the last times to toast our time together.

Ball four, take your base,


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