A Study In Dreams 5: The Pod-people Come To Elmwood

March 20, 1997  Thursday

First of all, this is a dream inside a dream.  After each dream, I, still dreaming, try to write down everything I remember (sound familiar?) .My first dream-in-a-dream is at school.  All I remember is I was with Sidney, and everyone else is making signs and posters to put on the walls.  Everyone is working from their knees in the long hallway, drawing and writing on large white sheets.  There aren’t any teachers except Mrs. Winston and my mom, so no one is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.  I then “wake up” and write this down.

My “second” dream is again at school.  I was now in English class, but something wasn’t right. It seemed to me that our entire class was trying to be captured or caught (I don’t know how I knew this, I just did).  I grab Sidney, who is next to me, and we leave the classroom.  It didn’t seem like we could trust anyone.  We head down to where the Ag room should be, beyond the Art room, but instead we come to a large room with a big door on the far side.  We start for the door, but then I think better of it, and I slowly start to back away.  I then turn around, and Larry, our school janitor, is blocking the doorway to the Art room we just came through.  We run for the other door, but now another large person I’ve never seen before blocks it.  We turn around once again.  Tim Meers from my class and Larry are advancing towards us.  There is no way out, and I put hands up.  Sidney tries for the large doorway, but the large person grabs her.  I hear, from somewhere, “I finally have you all!”

Suddenly, I see a large missile that is standing upright in a corner of the room.  I take a rock from the floor and heave it at the weapon.  On impact there is a huge explosion.  All of my attackers are now gone, but so is Sidney.  As the smoke clears, I see a person being carried on a wooden stretcher, covered a white cloth.

“No!” I yell, as I make the connection.  I run over to the stretcher and pull off the sheet.  Instead of Sidney it is an inflatable person.  Relieved, I run back into the school, past piles of concrete debris on the grass.  Then I see, running down the hallways towards me, Sidney.  As we hug, I’m just glad we both were safe and she hasn’t been blown up.  Again, I “wake up” and write this section down.

There were several other dreams I had tonight.  One was about a church service (those never run smoothly in my dreams).  Another one was about baseball practice, but I made mistakes on the fantasy field too.

I know the reason for my first dream. Yesterday I sarted to write a story with that very premise, of “Body Snatchers in Elmwood.”  I’m the hero in the story, and the only one that can save the day (natually).  After that dream, though, I think I’ll pass on that story idea.  That was enough.

Alright, right now it’s 5:oo the morning as wrap up this writing, but I had to get these dreams down.  Maybe I can even dream some more tonight.  I hope so, demented as they might be.



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