Beginnings and Endings

February 17, 1997  Monday

I’m  supposed to be working on my big art project, my collage, but I have to take a break.  Precise drawing for extended amounts of time is not good.  Let’s talk about some goings-on.

Hoke and I are on the publicity crew from the Spring play Oklahoma!  Our jobs are selling tickets and making posters.

Tonight was my last night at the Corn Palace, LG Seeds.  It sounds good just saying it.  There was simply nothing more to do.  That’s alright, baseball starts in a week or two.

I’ve been reading a lot recently.  I tried Wuthering Heights, but I couldn’t get into it.  I read Ayn Rand’s early novella Anthem, mostly during “Media Experience.”  I really liked the premise of a future society that was so collective-minded that no free thought was permitted.  Today I started The Count of Monte Cristo.  It’s over 1,200 pages long, but I can handle it.


Another beginning’s ending,










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