“James Dean’s Harmonica”

Felecia flies from Warsaw on a whim
Fortified with travel-sized gin
Her bleeding heart’d been on show for all to see
But now it doesn’t matter
Newspaper editors are all burying the lead
And Cupid only looks askance
Disbelieving last week’s weather forecast
While foisting primrose onto Cicero
All the petals had been plucked years ago
Given in service of another high stakes game of chance

The cops compose a first-rate bulletin
End up finding Felecia’s missing twin
Boss flips a coin, moves his shop overseas
Away from his girlfriend and wife
And then fires Achilles for rehabbing his heels
‘I’d sure like my money in advance’
Exclaims the headless King of France
As Stephen Hawking speaks from the gut
‘The secret is all in how the deck is cut’
The universe after all, is just another high stakes game of chance

Poets block the Back Bay boulevards
Paying top dollar for designer scars
Amateur night at Matty’s really packs them in
Singing‘Running, that’s easy,’
‘It’s the catching your breath that’s hard’
Ahab nods along while clutching the mast
Watching another oasis go past
‘What really is life’s big attraction
If you are not a part of the action?’
Better to let it ride, in this high stakes game of chance

In a flash Michael Mash met his maker
Jetting to an executive dinner
Miles of expense account files now litter the Rockies
‘And only two more months ‘til partner!’
He said with a frown to the Forever-after
‘That’s no way to reach the West Coast’
Decides James Dean’s ghost
While whittling a new harmonica
To finally seduce sweet Andromeda
She might say yes, but it’s a high stakes game of chance


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