Grassroots Campaigns, Gay Marriage and My Summer in the City

written July 28, 2012   Last night while on the Loop, flagging down people for Grassroots Campaigns with a wave and smile to ask “Hi! Would you like to help gay rights?” I felt like Kevin Costner before his last pitch in For Love of the Game, summoning whatever gumption of goodwill I had left….

44: An Oral History of the Election of the Barack Obama

The Forward to 44: An Oral History of the Election of Barack Obama Studs Terkel died one week ago tonight. I heard about it on NPR radio the next day while driving from from Alton to Edwardsville, Illinois. An interview with Studs was being replayed on the air, in which has was describing one of…

I Might Wear This Shirt For Awhile

The following interview was conducted November 6, 2008, part of a series of discussions called “44,” with people of varied background about their reactions to the 2008 election of Barack Obama. This interview is with Christina Schultze, an Obama supporter in 2008, a lesbian activist, and owner of Trash, a politically-tinged variety and clothing store….