Tom’s B-Day

October 20, 1999 Wednesday

I have been pondering for a while the state of my hair (that’s right, you get the heavy hitting news here).  It had been had two months since the last cut, so I had been playing with the idea of growing it out.  Yet I got it cut yesterday, and it’s back to it’s regular clipped shortness, which I guess does like better.

After that I cashed in my Pike refund check and went to look for a gift for Tom’s B-day, which was yesterday.  Collinsville had already given him a mark-down Halloween card with witches on the front, with the word “Halloween” heavily marked out in favor of “Birthday.”  I myself selected a 99-cent Nelson CD, and while at the Phoenix I bought him a new necklace and an “Official Pimp Mobile” to ruin his Ford Probe with.  Tom and Collinsville were reclining on the porch and I walked up the street.  We had a good laugh at the gifts, and Nelson has been played at 722 Calhoun.


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