Munsoned Again!

October 25, 1999  Monday

I went home Saturday morning for the first time this semester.  Elmwood does not change, I have come to find, as if in a vacuum of time and space.  Besides one or two new houses going up, it has remained unchanged since my time there.

It was good to see the family and talk to them.  Dad and I talked later about the semester so far.  He is the best one to talk of such things, and I confided in him the surprising lack of soulmates as I have defined in past writings, the Western-central part of Illinois seems to offer.  Perhaps the best part of being home was finally getting to see the issue of Poet’s Fantasy magazine that had published my Alice poem “Waiting in the Wings.”  “Green Fields Part I” will be published in the next issues quarterly issue.

Arrived back on Calhoun Street Sunday night, bringing with me my journals, which had remained at home since the end of the spring semester.  Tom and Collinsville once again tore into them, not having seen them in a while.  Collinsville read the newer stuff, while Tom delved back into early 1997.  That’s his favorite part.  They reported nothing new, but Tom said the Alpha Sigs, including Kim, had come over Saturday night, so it was probably a good thing I did go home.

After my first two classes today I took my my hour break in the Union, grabbing a new Western Courier, and went up the Prairie Lounge, like I usually do.

One the front page was an article on PRIDE, the persons with disabilities organization on campus that Amdor is actually the president of, so I knew there would be an Amdor quote somewhere in the piece.  In large letters below a photo was his quote, a quote said by Tim Amdon.  AMDON.  God love him, the kid can’t catch a break, and I knew it would be messed up for the roommate again.

The Pikes–his “brothers,” mind you–are loving it, and the worst part is that Amdor did none of it.  But it doesn’t matter.  He’ll probably get Pike “Ass of the Week” just like he does most weeks. Last night he won it again.  Amdor had stood up, I was told later, to nominate Tom for Ass of the Week at the chapter’s weekly Sunday meeting, but he did such a terrible job telling his story that the Pikes voted him Ass of the Week.

Amdor won’t have it that much easier in his own home, although we like him more and treat him better.  Tom and Collinsville soon had collected as many copies of the day’s paper as they could and began handing them all through our house.

I have thought perhaps of emailing all of the old high school everyones to see how they are doing in the great big world.  I haven’t heard anything about the E-town group for a quite a while.  I think the worst part would in the end not receiving any in return.

Later tonight I got a call from Young Jen and I went over to watch Swingers with her.  When I walked into her room, which I had never before visited, I had a revelation. She did say Haley was returning to being an RA on her floor, and would be back tomorrow (one note on that: I saw Haley Sunday night after getting back, but she was snuggled up at 714 with her Other, so…)   One side of her double was decked out with Beatles, Dave Matthews, a Bob Marley poster, and a Doors throw on the wall–like someone had raided my mind of everything I am passionate about.  Yes please! … Young Jen’s side, in painful contrast, had Ricky Martin and a monkey.  Like I’ve recently said, Young Jen is a sweet girl, but she’s a high school sophomore that happens to be a college freshman.  I don’t know, but sitting there kinda stunned, seeing that her roommate named Brooke has every Beatles album, and The Wall, while Young Jen has Britney Spears, I just had to laugh about how close and far away I once again was.  An absolute highlight came when Brooke put on Eric Clapton(!) of all things, and Young Jen turned to me and asked, “Who’s that singing?”  Damn universe…  I hope you’re getting a good laugh, up there!






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