A Day in the Life of Me: So Much Little

November 24, 1998  Tuesday

Nicole woke me up to say hi.  That was nice of her. Rolling back over, I slept for a few more hours, having more crazy dreams.  At least I am sleeping better.  With a yawn I got up and went down to take a shower.  Almost stepped on Sophie when she dashed out from under the sofa, but Nicole’s kitten escaped harm.  She always does that.

I walked into aside entrance of the junior high a little bit later, and went to the library.  As soon as I arrived I got a lot of looks.  Most of the young guys didn’t know who I was unless they knew me instead from being in Mom’s class.  The current senior class was in the library and they all did recognize me.   Even a few months ago I would have been nervous simply because I would think of the attention as unwanted.  Now I shrug it off and go about my business.  Mrs. Hipply the librarian helped me for a moment, and I settled into a quiet corner of the library and began looking through some old books on the Warren Report.  I couldn’t help notice most of the girls were looking at me from across the room.  I’m better about that too, than I used to be;  I think they were surprised by my changes, from the earring to the hair to the demeanor.  I stayed for about two hours, and found a lot of useful information and then departed quickly.  I noticed Mrs. Spacey tutoring someone on the finer points of French, but didn’t stop to say hi.  Being in a small town, such things might be welcomed once and for a brief time–they know there is no other source of information in town, other than the school itself–yet it really wasn’t my place to be there, and in a way I left like I was intruding. But I didn’t mind going for some needed information.

Returning home a little after two, I settled down to watch the film JFK for the other part of my paper about the Kennedy assassination  I am starting to get a good grasp on the event, and becoming quite knowledgeable, since its comprised the entire semester of English 280, for some reason.

Nicole got home from school at four and she helped me further on playing Fur Elise.  Although it isn’t fluent yet, I’m memorized the first fourth of the piece.  Nicole as teacher is proud of me, and she likes dosing out her authority about playing.  Again, Mom says that she always wants to say hi on the phone, and is disappointed if she isn’t able to.  While I;m at home I am glad we’re able to do this more often, like reading and playing games together.  She wants to go on another bike ride, so that will have to be done.





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