Sara, the New Vice-President

April 20, 1998  Monday

I have to say that the movie we watched for film class tonight, Singin’ in the Rain, was the was best so far.  Sure a few parts were a little corny (it was made in 1954) but I really liked the comedy and premise, as well as the dancing.  Best of all, there were no Roan Innish seal-boys….

D and I arrived back just before seven, and I hurried upstairs in the 18th floor cafeteria where the hall government meetings are held.  Tonight new exec. board members were voted on for the next year.  For president Collinvillle and I voted for Vanilla Ice.  Then it came time for the vice-president hopefuls to give short speeches, and Sara was first.  She handed out her red flyers she’s made, and did an absolutely great job.  Explaining to us what the different pictures on her flyers–like Marvin the Martian, an orange, and Rocky the Flying Squirrel–meant to her in regard to being a better person was a great idea.  She was the only clear choice for the job, so I had to vote for her.  She did such a good job that RA Mike asked her during her speech why she herself she not going to be an RA.  Sara begin to explain, but then broke off and told him she would talk to him later about that.  Collinsville leaned over to me and asked, “Did it look to you like she was about to cry just now?”  I had’t noticed.

Of course Sara won the position, and I went down to her quiet floor with her afterwards.  Yet she wanted to study, so I kept myself busy by drawing in my sketch book.  Later, when she was looking through my drawings, she came across the last journal entry I’d written, “Answering the Tempest Wind.”  As I sat there she began to read it, and I didn’t know how she would take what I had surmised about her.  When she was done she replied she really does have mood swings, but had been under pressure all year.  I advised her to take things a little more slowly and relax some, but she said she feels like she always needs to be doing something.

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