Life Goes On

November 1, 1998  Sunday

Between the rain and murky skies, I’ve been in a lazy, tired state all day.  One of the best aspects of the fall semester is waking up at noon and watching football for nine hours.

Grandma Connors has sent me a few cards recently, so I called to thank her.  Sometimes I get so busy, and I’ve never just called her to say hi, but I wanted to take some time to tell her I appreaciate being thought of.

Tom and I are beginning to doubt exactly how much fun we’re going to have next week at Illinois State.  At first we had heard that the Pi Phi Formal would be at Jumer’s. all night, and then we could swim some.  Now we’re starting to learn at midnight the formal is over, then we’re going back to the dorms (no swimming).  We might stay Saturday night too, do I might look up Nate Grit, Tim, Mike Mullins and the rest from my Elmwood class to see what they’re up to.

As for our dates, Tom is getting tired of Joanna calling every time for long stetches.  It’s a staple of Collinsville’s and my nights to see Tom paced slowly up and down the hallways, simply listening without ever saying a thing. This formal will be hell for him  Tom needs someone to be with him, so he had Joanna get a date for me, someone I don’t even know.  About 11:30 I got a call from Mystery girl, Heather, The first thing that struck me was her bubbly voice.  We talked about thirty minutes, and she seems alright.  I really don’t know why I’m going, except that Tom would like someone to ride with him– and keep Joanna at a safe distance.  The third guy we’re going with is Allister Mack, a friend of Tom’s that is an RA at Illinois State.  At least it’s going to be different that the same old Western thing.  And it’s all paid for.

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