I Think I Can, I Think I Can

April 28, 1998

This running thing is tough.  Tonight I had to return a movie to Family Video, so that was my destination.  I thought I could make it a jog, because two days ago I made the same loop without puking or anything.  I took off through campus and the light rain, but my legs began to tire by the time I got to the Union.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it all the way to Family, but I told myself I had to at least make it to the edge of campus, and then I could stop and walk.  As I neared the Lincoln-Washington towers and could see the end of campus just ahead I realized I couldn’t quit “If I quit,” I told myself, “It means this is just one more thing that I’m not taking seriously and quit when the ride gets a little rough.”  I couldn’t Let myself quit, and I didn’t.  It was tough because I really wanted to.

After getting back from the Lacrosse House last night with Collinsville, I stopped by the 2nd floor lounge to get some food.  Sara was there, and we watched Adam Sandler sing to his mom on Saturday Night Live.  As I was leaving she said she felt like an idiot, because when she had first bumped into the table when she had first arrived at the lounge.  I wanted to show that kind of thing happens a lot to me, so I went over to a group of over-stuffed chairs.  I had planned to just flip myself over it just a little bit, but before I knew it I was head over heels in the air, and found myself landing on the small of my back.  Amazingly I didn’t permanently injure myself, but perhaps I proved, well, something to Sara.

Once back on the Fourth Floor, Collinsville had me call the campus radio station that plays on TV to request “Ice Ice Baby,” like we do most nights.  We thought we would get the jerk who a few weeks ago made fun of Vanilla Ice (can you imagine such a thing?).  When I called I asked if I could request a song, but the guy (J.R.) said he didn’t have the time, but would say our names on the air (Whoo-hoo!).  After he did I called him back, and asked him to play Vanilla Ice because everybody on campus wants to hear it.  J.R. said he had already played it, so I went to the room and began to get ready for bed. About ten minutes later Collinsville came down to my room and said J.R. was playing “Ice Ice Baby.” J.R. was also requesting on the air that I call him back.  I dialed him up, and gave him a brief interview about Vanilla Ice, his comeback tour and album, and that no, he’s not really dead.

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