History Repeats

November 2, 1998  Monday

Almost four years ago I wrote in “Let the Fun Begin!” this: “A windy rainy November Monday morning–imagine that!”  It’s hard to remember the last day I saw the sun, and the above statement sums up today nicely.  It was deplorable outside.  Yet, like the dedicated student I am, I braved the elements in the name of education.

On the way to Sociology I told Collinsville about my call to ISU Heather.  C-ville is a glass half-empty kind of guy (a “Realist” he calls himself).  He is convinced I won’t have a very good time, but on the bright side it will be refreshing to visit a different campus.

Remember when Tom and Collinsville convinced me that Dawn (aka “Gangsta”) wanted me to call her?  Today they again tried to sell me on another story.  Collinsville stated he had seen Ginger, Alex’s old Chi-O big sister, in the Union today.  And they said Ginger had told them Alex had slit her wrists last night, and had to be taken to the hospital. For a split second I considered it, because of how upset she had been, but luckily they didn’t convince me to call to confirm it.  I got a jarring, clear picture of this imaginary Alex tied to a bed.  It wasn’t all that funny.

At 4:30 Collinsville, Amdor, and I went to check out some houses on Murray Street.  They were all right, but we’re going to try to find a better one.



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