Changes, Part III

April 16, 1998  Thursday

Finally my room is clean.  It seems impossible that so much stuff can be crammed away into half of such a small room.  When I was done I saw the old Nike shoe box that held Is Anybody Out There? and sat down to look through it.  I selected and read most of Secondrateparadise, because those events were occurring exactly one year ago.  It seemed interesting to look back and say to myself, “I was going that one year ago.”  All of this becomes even more relevant as the one-year anniversary of the ending of IAOT? and the beginning of Memoirs from the Edge draws closer.  To have completely stopped on May 14, 1997 would have been a personal tragedy.  The story didn’t end in Elmwood, it continues on and grows fuller in Macomb.  Hoke, Willa, Will Davies, Emma, Les Rose, Colin, and Sidney should not be the last people written about, because the characters I have met here–Kerri, Prakash, Hiro, Sara, D, Jesse, Jake, Collinsville, Lexi Trapp, Katy Looker, Tom, and Jeremy–deserve their own book all about them.  Yet this is barely the beginning as well.  The story continues, and I am excited to see where it will take me.

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