Answering The Tempest Wind

April 20, 1998  Monday

Because of my up and down weekend, I needed to burn off some energy yesterday.  Unfortunately, Jeremy was the only person around the floor, so when we played catch I couldn’t throw it as hard as I would have liked.  But it good to be outside and doing something, all the same.  After a while Sara came by with her glove too and we played a little three-way.  Jeremy just had to exercise his gift of gab and continually refered to me as “Farm n’ Fleet” (which will not be explained). Before the throw-around was over I almost took out one of Thompson Hall’s windows, but I missed (but not by much).  Sara then wanted to see exactly how far I could throw, so we both moved back, and with a crow hop I heaved with all of my might.  I think I heard something pop in my shoulder as I let fly, by I must have thrown it 70-80 yards, and best of all, it hit Sara dead on.  She raised her glove in front of her face and made the grab.

Yesterday was of course Sidney’s birthday, and in the afternoon I went to the Thompson computer lab to send an animated card.  Jeremy was with me, and I told him that I was having trouble starting my message that would go with the e-card.  I wrote a few quick and thoroughly generic birthdays wishes, before erasing them and starting over.  Jeremy asked me why I was having such a hard time writing a simple birthday greeting, and I replied that I wanted it to be good.  Then Jeremy gave me an idea, and I wrote for the message that I was having a hard time thinking of what to say because birthdays come once a year and I wanted to say just the right thing.

I was just putting the finishing touches on Sidney’s card when Sara came in the lab.  She read the message on the screen and said it was sweet I was sending a card to Sidney.  Sara then asked me if I had even gone to visit her, which sort of surprised me, and I admitted I hadn’t.  They she really did surprise me.  She said she could take me to Galesburg for the weekend to go to Knox.  I’m not sure about this idea.  I mean, sure, I’d like to see Sidney, but to have Sara go with me?  I have talked in the past about the sense of paradox that I feel when the old and new things collide together.  Having Sidney meet Sara, a friend at Western, would be pretty high on the ol’ paradox list.  I would feel so weird to have them meet, but it would be extremely interesting.  I guess in some ways Sara could be the Sidney of Macomb.  And then I cringe as soon as I say that, because I don’t feel like I can say that. I better be more clear: Sara is my best female friend here, and she shares some of Sidney’s qualities or traits.  She drives herself to be an academic success and they both have very unique crazy-white-blonde hair.  But in some ways they are different.  Sometimes I can’t figure out Sara.  She can have mood swings like you wouldn’t believe, and I don’t know how she’ll be from one minute to the next.  Yet she can surprise me, like with today’s offer.  And last Sunday I was up in her room, trying to analyze one of her colleagues.  She insisted I was way off, so I told her, in way of a playful challenge, it would be just as difficult to analyze me.  I was wrong.  She almost hit the bulls-eye.  From what I remember, she said I was always holding back a little, like I’m afraid of getting hurt.  She continued telling me I think about things a lot, but I haven’t figured out whatever it is that I want to know.

D says that I might have an adversarial relationship with Katie Looker.  He told me we both think each of us doesn’t like the other, and that might be true.  It might seem strange, but perhaps it is healthy to have one slight, innocuously rival relationship like that in life.  Collinsville agreed with this, but he doubts how having Katie Looker being my “adversary” could be good for my health.  Touche.

Last night Collinsville wanted to go swimming at six this morning, so I got up at 5:00 to do my algebra.  These logic problems are starting to get on my nerves… Collinsville however never did get up at six (he has the same morning syndrome I do) so I went up the cafeteria to get some breakfast.  This is an extremely rare occurrence for me since I prefer to get up for lunch if my schedule permits.  I feasted on cold eggs and bacon, and was disappointed there were no hash browns.  Oh well, what can you do?

Sitting in English class at eleven, I was starting to finally wake up, and was looking forward to when my day would be done, in another fifty minutes…  Then the professor said those words you never want to hear, but seems to be common occurrences on Mondays: “Please turn to pages 394-407 for the story that was assigned Friday,”–at which point my mind went “Doh!”  Of course she locked her eyes right now me and asked for me to discuss the story’s plot, and I began to ramble, “Well, the story is about the author’s childhood, and events that happened in his childhood, and, uh…” and for some reason she got the idea I haven’t done the assignment.  She then asked a girl near me to follow up on my genius, but she too didn’t seem to remember hearing the assignment being given out.  The professor then turned to beautiful, wonderful Tom across the room, and I heard Tom’s voice say, “Um, I lost my book.”  I couldn’t help cracking a grin at that.  The professor then told us all to take the next half hour to read the story and then we would begin class.  As I sat there, my mind began to draw connections between this instructor and old Mrs. Spacey, my high school French teacher.  May I submit to the audience Evidence A: this class as a whole pays little attention to her, as we once did to Mrs. Spacey.  And so we get the same amount of work done (zilch, that is).

Jeremy has begun  to talk to us about how his body is changing.  He let us know yeserday that is head is, quote, “rounding out” (which his mom has complimented him on).  When then discussion turned glandular I had to leave.  I just don’t want to know some things, Jerermy.  Yet, I suppose he’ll tell me, one way or the other.  I guess I was just lucky not to be in the stall this time while I talked to me.




















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