This is the Time (to Remember)

“Getting Back to the Saddle”
January 19, 1998  Monday

Finally done with unpacking after arriving again, back at Western, I get to settle into my familiar surroundings.  I reached town about 6:30 last night, Mom buying my a large enough stockpile of food it should last me entire week.  D just got back an hour ago.  All break he had been working at a bank to build up some cash. I am very ready to begin a new semester.  I was great to see everyone again.  Well, almost everyone…

We don’t have to lock the door at night any more.






“This is the Time (to Remember)”
January 22, 1998  Thursday

I think I will enjoy this semester’s classes.  On paper, classes like Music Appreciation or Film might sound easy, but I think my class overall will be more challenging than the previous set.  The best news is that I have yet to miss a class!  Probably the best part of my schedule is that my classes are done every day by noon.  Sure, it means getting up before eleven (aahhggg!!), but it allows for spending the afternoon any way I want: sleeping, working out, sleeping ,writing, sleeping…

Here are some early predictions for the new semester,  The most interesting professor has to be my History professor.  I will be coming from the cold, calculating world of college algebra right before his class, and it is nice to recharge with a subject I know and love so much.  He is very knowledgeable, and it is an absolute joy to listen to him.  He can get off onto such diverse subjects during his lectures, and you never know where he’s going and then POW!, he makes his point.  He’s kind of one big Brain of Historical Information.  One other teacher I have had reminds me of my professor’s wisdom and style.  His name was Mr. Beres.  The award for strictest and most boring class goes to my Algebra instructor though.  In the first class he must have gone over a dozen different ways he can final his class.  But I finally have other people in class I already know.  April from the Fourth Floor is in Algebra, and Tom is in English 180 with me.

It has already been mentioned by several people on a couple of instances that with the loss of Jake the Fourth Floor is much quieter.  We have begrudgingly admitted that we miss him (just not at night when we’re trying to sleep).  In the few days I’ve been back, I have spent an increased amount of time with Jesse, Tom, and Collinsville.  Right now Collinsville is bummed because yet another girl “dissed” him, as the C-man would say.  This time the girl in question, Miranda, cheated on him with a guy named Benji.  Collinsville, Collinsville…

Yesterday I walked uptown, and quickly blew over $70.  Forty-five of it went for a book for film class.  The rest was for Eric Clapton’s live double album, 24 Nights.  You see, for the last half-year I have occasionally searched for that extended version of “Wonderful Tonight” that I have on tape.  It was just something that had to be added to my collection.

While telling us about his break, D brought up the subject of his ex-fiance, Gabrielle Rose.  He said she would call and want to do something, and D said, “Alright, fine, as long as we can do it as friends.”  So she would call sometimes to do something, and D kept break his plans for her.  Yet, each time he called her, she couldn’t find the time.  Eventually he got fed up with it, and wouldn’t answer his phone.  D said this made him feel better, and he was alright with it.  I didn’t tell this story very well, but I saw some similarities between D’s situation and mine with Hoke. One the break Mom continually asked me to call him, but I never did, even if I wanted to.  Any I’m alright with it.  Sure, it’s sad, unfortunate an whatever, and I’m also okay with it.

I keep meaning to go to the computer lab and write people, but I haven’t yet.  I haven’t heard a word from Sidney since a brief Christmas card.  I haven’t sent an e-mail to my pen pal, Tasmania Becky, since before the break.  And then I should also write to Will Davies in Texas, since he sent a card to me.  Colin should also be written to.  But, what do I really tell them?  “Oh yeah, life’s really great here; I sleep most of the time.”  Well, that’s not exactly true, but it is hard some times to come with new things to write about.  How many times can you write, “Had chicken sticks today for lunch.”  Yet I should stay in touch.  No sense in cutting all my times to home.

With the holiday turkey and candy canes behind me (in more ways than one), it time to work off that yuletide flab.  I have started working out again at he Rec. Center.  Alright, I admit it: I let myself go during the break, finally.  Sleeping, eating, and watching TV doesn’t burn off too many calories.  Maybe by my birthday I’ll be back in the shape I was in at Thanksgiving break.






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