Going Out With a Bang (and a Brain Cramp)

December 16, 1997   Tuesday

Today was kind of my day off in-between all of this finals racket.  I think my History exam went well, but some of the questions I could have answered when I was ten: 1) name the presidents that replaced Richard Nixon 2) Name the president that introduced the New Deal.  That’s kind of high school stuff right there.

I have been playing John Madden Football with Jake all day, and it has turned into a war.  You have to understand, it’s my game.  I have never met a person that could beat me.  At one time, in high school, I had made up my own teams and league, made up of teams like the Dallas Steers and the Seattle Sound.  During last summer I beat another guy that owns the game 198-6.  Earlier in the fall I would regularly beat Jake.  He would get frustrated and beat on my desk, but he’s been practicing.  Now, we go head-to-head and he can beat me.  Game on.

Jake is right now dismantling his room, and packing for when he leaves.  Among the Fourth Floor-ers that won’t be returning are Jake and Korn.

Can all of this have happened in four months?  It hardly seems possible.  D, Jesse, Jake, Tom, Collinsville, Aaron, and everyone else on the Fourth has none too slowly become my McDonough County surrogate family.  They are all great guys.  What have I learned in this first semester in college?  Well, it isn’t like I understand nuclear power now, but I have stuffed a little in my head.  What is college for, anyway?  That is an excellent question, actually.  Are we here to learn “things,” like with our past education?  Are we supposed to learn skills that will actually help us in our future jobs?  Or are we here to simply get a good GPA?  The majority of things I’ve learned have been life oriented, because we’re not in Elmwood anymore, people.   I think I have grown in many ways, especially in solidifying what is right and wrong, and I am actually  starting to get motivation to accomplish things, instead of just putting things off.  I have walked untold miles, eaten one too many pizzas, done inhuman loads of laundry, lost uncountable hours of sleep, taken more than my share of luke-warm showers, expanded my musical tastes, and even written a couple of papers.  And I had a blast through it all.  Nothing is perfect, but I love being here at Western.  It’s funny, but I fought Mom about coming here, and finally chose it for no particular reason, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else (well, perhaps with the exception of studying in Paris.  And I hear the University of Cancun is nice this time of year…).

Of course, I can’t really say Macomb is the most a-happening place on the planet.  Last week the Macomb Journal wrote a caption under a photo which read, “Two teens build snowman.  They were shoveling the sidewalk, when one had the idea of building a snowman.  Story on 3A (I’m not making this up).

One thing I don’t like about college is the elimination of pluses and minuses in grading.  For example, John was going to give me a B+ in Design, but there is not such thing here, so I just got a B.  There is such a world of difference between an A and a B!

Final grade for the ’97 Fall Semester: B+ (I give pluses)










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