Goin’ Home for Turkey Day

November 21, 1997  Friday

Right now everyone is leaving for Thanksgiving break, but my own ride doesn’t come until tonight.  a week-long break is a good thing.  This morning I was finally able to see my adviser and set up classes for the the spring term.  Earlier in the week I had gone to see if there was an earlier time available, but it was either today (in which I’d have to miss a class) or wait until December 6th.  Oh well, at least it’s done.

I can’t wait to go home and drive.  Jeremy, a kinda weird guy that’s a Junior and lives on our wing, took me to Walmart last night to get some new glasses, but there were a few problems.  The eye center in Peoria wouldn’t give out my lens prescription, like it was some kind of top-secret, classified information.  Finally, that red tape was cut, and I will be able to see again!

Best of all, when we got back to Thompson, who was down in the lobby but Kerri from the summer.  We had sent a few e-mails to each other over the course of the last three months, but I hadn’t actually seen her since July.  When I brought her up to the fourth floor to show her around, some thought she was my sister (they know I have one, but they must have forgotten Nicole’s much younger age).  Kerri and I do look something alike, as well as having the same birthdays.

I am really looking forward to seeing Elmwood again (who keeps says these things?!…).


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