And So It Goes

November 20, 1997  Thursday

As soon as all of my classes are over, I am heading to the Rec. Center.  Yesterday I didn’t run, which I am mad at myself about.  I have lost an edge of motivation I was using to work out.  I have been frustrated, and running was the instrument I used to drain it all out of me.  I really like the effect it is having on my body; it feels totally cleansed.  I’m starting to become more defined, and well as slowly growing a bit of mass that has always alluded me.  Now if I can just get a tan so Jesse can stop called me “Powder.”  After all, it’s not my fault I’m Scandinavian, right?

Later tonight, after watching the new Thanksgiving episode of South Park, Jesse and I took a walk to the Union and then all the way to the Hy-vee grocery.  We hadn’t talked much in the last few days, and we discussed quite a bit.  When we got back Jake was putting up a poster of five wolves that we had won at Casino night.  He then put the names “Jesse,” “Tom,” “Lil’ D,” “Jake, “and “Will” next to a wolf, and it looks good.  Four of the wolves are in a group, and the other is a few feet off.  I picked the one that was slightly separate (no, not for any big symbolic reason; I just liked it).  Jake’s wolf is in the front, showing all of himself.  D’s wolf is right behind him, and fittingly is the largest of them all.  Tom’s wolf is just kind of there in the background, taking everything in, amused by something and ready to make a witty remark.  Jesse’s wolf looks kind of tired and dazed.  They suit each one of us perfectly.

Around 12:30 I finally noticed the answering machine blinking.  There was a message from from Tim Meers, Michaela  Bollings, and April Gatson from Elmwood, who I supposed were visiting Western as guest of Ray Browning.  I went to Ray Browning’s room, which is just above mine on the fifth floor, but he said they had already left earlier that night.

Tomorrow I leave for Thanksgiving break.  I think Saturday I will call Colin to do something.  I haven’t talked to him since leaving for Western again at the start of fall.  We’ll have quite a bit to tell each other, and I’m sure he’ll be very glad to hear about Sidney and I’s return to good friendship, if just so he won’t have to hear my whine all week.






From 2016: Amazingly, the image for this entry is the exact one described above.


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