The Exodus

June 8, 1997  Sunday

Ok, I’ve taken care of the exodus.  When the does the genesis part kick in?

I arrived in Macomb, Illinois by two this afternoon, and it didn’t take long to unpack.  I wanted to spend some time afterwards in the evening meeting people and saying hi, but Mom didn’t want to leave.  We went for a walk, and then we went to McDonald’s, and then K-mart.  I didn’t want to tell Mom and Dad to go.  I was and am very thankful they are giving me this opportunity; actually, I am surprised they’ve gone along with sudden course correction without questions or debating.  Perhaps they see I need this, or something like this.  Finally Dad, Mom, and Nicole departed after waves from the family car, and I went in my new home, Corbin Hall, to find other collegians.

Finding no one in my floor’s social lounge by the elevator, I retired back to the spare, silent, painted cinder block walls of my room.  …Dad just came by, again, after driving all the way back to Elmwood, to drop off a bag I had left at home.  Sorry, and thanks….  I don’t think I could have made it thought the week with only one pair of underwear.  A roommate never showed up today, so I have double room all to myself.  Right now I don’t know what to say, and it’s only my first night.  It will probably get easier, and hopefully not so deafeningly quiet.  I think I will up early tomorrow to beat the morning rush.




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