Further Contents of the Package

May 25, 1997  Sunday

In our top stories for today:

I have gone from a six page letter, to a single edited page, to perhaps nothing.  On one hand I want to clear some things up, but on the other hand I want to move on.  Not out of preference, but out of realistic rational.  I don’t which in the greater evil: happily spending time with her while it takes its inner toll, or not doing anything, using the wasted time to catch my breath.  Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  But let me return to this “package.”  The first time is an ink drawing I made several days ago.  Above I wanted to write something, but avoid the cheese of “Come back to me, baby,” or “Our times can be as groovy as yesterday.”  That part’s still blank.

The second entry for May 21st I wrote when I got home.  Basically, I had enjoyed our time together, for what it was, but found we had the past on our minds, like it or not. Right now I am just trying for the present, before the near-future is gone as well.  The present can make its own memories.  That is half the reason I got a third, cheap bracelet.  I got it purposefully from a dollar store, a stand-in for light frivolity without deep meaning.  You’ll notice on it there isn’t a sappy heart or something on the piece of colored plastic, but there is a small smiley face.

Now for the entry from last Friday:  There is nothing to clarify on.  Drop me a postcard, right?

Let’s go right over here… Friday I returned my uniform to Brimfield.  I would have asked if they would consider retiring my number, but it has been nothing but retired all year (Heh-heh… sigh).  I wonder if they even remember they had a number three… Later that night, Colin and I went to the opening night of The Lost World.  Personally, I liked it better than its predecessor, but the little old lady that say by us probably wouldn’t agree.  The entire film she muttered, “Oh that’s just terrible.”  A few more people do die in this one.

Saturday afternoon was Trisha’s baby shower.  In the morning I went to get a gift, but at the store I discovered I had only four dollars (I’ve learned to live with incompetence through the years).  Anyway, in less than an hour I baked a cake made it to the shower.

In church today Pastor Jerry gave me a graduation gift: a study Bible.  I really like it, and am amazed how comprehensive it is.  Later in the day I called Sidney.  I actually debated to call her at all; I never would have done that two weeks ago.  Just an example.  She wants others to go with us, which I don’t mind.  Simple friends, going to a simple movie… I can’t help by smile at the complexities.







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