The Thin Ice

May 12, 1997  Monday

At one time during the day things were looking exceptionally bleak.  I shall relate for you entertainment.

The night before I had worked feverishly on the accursed Maxwell Jewelry packet for Accounting, but as morning came it laid on my deck only half done. I went to school early with Hoke, and Mr. Prior stopped me in the hallway.  He said I had one more day to get it done.  He had me return home to get my answer book, so tonight my only crutch to this number mess is gone.  Heaven help me.  I would really like to go tomorrow on a trip; we (or rather, the rest, most likely) are going the Y in Canton.

From eight until ten we organized the graduation march.  They lined us up by height, and I will be walking with Emily Moorhead.  During this time Sidney did not talk to me.  After that, our entire class headed to Peoria and the park, but first we made a bus stop-off for Frisbees (I got a football) at Jumbo Sports.  When we finally got to Bradley Park, a group of us played volleyball.  Volleyball is not my best sport, but then what is?

Afterwards, Sidney had separated herself from her group, and was by herself on some playground equipment.  Colin saw this, and told me to talk to her.  I went over to her, but she kept ahead, being a bit quicker on the equipment, still keeping silent.  Then she left.  I thought to myself, “Huh, that went well, Colin.”  Later, I saw her on the bus, again alone, so I wanted to try again.  I sat down, but a moment later she left.  It’s so ironic–here I am, following her around to tell her I wanted to her the space she wanted!  I’m just not cut out for this stuff.

On the way to eat, I had to do something.  She was sitting right behind me, and I turned around and told her the gist of it.  I told her I was sorry her pressuring her.  She didn’t say much.  When we stopped at Willow Knolls, finally, to eat, I thought of some question to later ask Sidney.  I gave it to Colin to ask Sidney, but by accident she saw it.  He gave it to her to read.  She didn’t say much.

As I was getting ready for baseball practice, who showed up at my door but Colin.  He had just talked to Reagan Potts, and Reagan said Sidney needed time.  That was good enough for me.  In about an hour I am going to the Elmwood Excellence thing at school.  Wish of all luck.

Alright, I have just returned from the awards ceremony.  It was nice, and I got a medal.  As usual, my mind was not on the matter at hand.  I wondered how things were, how they would be.  Afterwards Colin asked me what I was going to do.  He’s really getting into this, while I am the one that had become more subdued.  In the parking lot, as she was about to leave, I told her I was giving her writings back.  I told her I had made a copy, so I wasn’t giving them back straight out, but wanted her to hack her own words again.  She knew.  I then made the observation, “Sort of over the top, wasn’t I?”  Then I asked, :What you do think, have you come to a decision?”  And she sort of looked at me with a smirking sigh.  She said she would talk to me tomorrow.  At least it wasn’t a no, to liking, or even being again close friends.  Yet again I will wait until tomorrow.  At least I have Accounting to keep me company.




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