Words of Wisdom from Somebody Who’s Been There


May 19, 2006 Friday (From formerly STG3 Jeffery Gordon)

So your first deployment is now in full swing. I know you can’t talk about where you are going but when you pull into Souda Bay 400,000,000 times make sure you head for the old town. You’ll find it right behind the touristy harbor area and it is BEAUTIFUL. Keep sending me your marathon e-mails, I really enjoyed reading those from your last outing and I promise to do my best to send you something equally creative, but I make no promises. I also think you should know I want you to get your ESWS or I will lose all respect for you. A knowledgeable sailor is a happy sailor. Are you standing watch? Have fun and lay off the alcohol, and bring me back wine from everywhere you go. I’ll pay you for it when I see you.  I’m serious, the ship will let you store like 100 bottles onboard (I did it last time) so take advantage. You will (I will) never get this chance again.

Love you, fuck them,



May 20, 2006  Saturday (from Will)

At the moment I feel completely dry and devoid of creativity- it’s a mixture of delusion and lethargy that is keeping me nicely sedated while the date on calendar is still far from the future.  I have already read O Pioneers! and the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (I won’t insult you adding the authors).  Next up is All the King’s Men.  For the most part it is exactly as you would expect.  I don’t know if Cliff would want you to know, but the only real news is that he was disapproved from starting school in the fall by the CO because of everyone we have recently lost (Mathis, Radin, Glenn), which also makes my own request for December creaky.  Thanks for telling me about the old town, and I will bring a bottle back, yes.  Anything special?


May 20, 2006 Saturday (from Gordon)

I read Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner on the last deployment. It just seemed so appropriate. If I remember correctly it was Dick Cheney who shot the albatross, wasn’t it? I guess he had better aim back then.

Fear not, Cliff told me about his disapproval and sounded none to pleased about it. I found it interesting your mentioning how you have already lost Glenn as I never even met him. Soon I will have no ties to the elrod at all. Time heals all wounds, even 200 buckshot pellets in the face.

I know it will be difficult for you to get rid of your lethargy and find a spark of creative energy, but you will be better off if you spend as much of the day as possible doing what you want to do. I always was somewhere reading, when I didn’t read I become very cranky. I found that if you work out with a book no one will bother you because PT is mandated by the navy. Sit on the bike, peddle slowly and read as long as you want. I got through a good portion of Notes from the Underground that way. Deployment really shouldn’t be that bad once everyone settles down and stops caring. Just lay low, be hard to find and you’ll do fine and maybe even enjoy it. And for wine, buy lots, LOTS, LOTS. You really can never have to much wine.







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