The Skeletal Frame of Writings Never to Be


March 21 – April 9, 2005

During these few weeks I took notes of what occurred every day, but never committed myself to making them full entries.  It covers a time I was becoming familiar this my new ship, the Elrod, moving into a house of the next six month, and playing a waiting game.  It tells enough a story that it still represents the moment.  Is this inadvertent free verse.  Yes, let’s go with that.


March 21, 2005  Monday

Pulled out from the pier, saw my old ship the Nicholas as we left.

Went to Yorktown for two days to do ammo unloads

Quiet, undisturbed, nice to get away, something different.

Mix tape of music made for Marely

Thoughts on Marley: Great Expectations, will perhaps get my heart broken with all of her talk this being  “short term”- can’t help it.
March 23, 2005   Tuesday

Craftsman story on ship (Idiots):

-this is really important!  Listen up!

– the entire ship has to be qualled, Thrasher sub.

-starts asking questions directly off the test

– starts answering the quiz as he goes over it (did well!)

-didn’t learn anything, but the paperwork is done to not be liable.

Ammo handlers while taking on round (dangerous!)

– on Nicholas they put you on a team, here they just out you in groups of whoever.

– less and less people all day.  Still unloading in the dark of night.

– slightly sunburned.

Wrote to Marley while in Yorktown to ask about camping 3-days on the 15th. She has it “inked in” to go, did get emails outside the ship (From Mollie in Japan), getting much better at sonar, like doing it in the dark of the sonar shack.


March 24, 2005  Thursday

Underway from  Yorktown, line handling; Wed morning, watch, “unrep” fueling at sea (very dark, glow sticks on incase we go over, rough seas, winds, no moon, lighting storm—amazing), took a watch in sonar, quiet,

Email from Marley- going to D.C. to see mom and brother (good)


March 25, 2005   Friday

Pulled in, again saw the Nicholas, full work day, “stealth mode” in utilities, called Marley, called ended quickly, said she’d call back in twenty minutes, didn’t call me back.

Got to know the Elrod’s division better

March 26, 2005

Full working day and duty as well (couldn’t leave ship), I was assigned Duty Section 4, which also has Massetti and Lambert, whom I both like; Illinois down 15 points with 4 seconds left in Final Four. Won by 1 in OT over Arizona; have to wear utilities on ship.
March 27, 2005   Sunday

Moved in to house on Calhoun several other guys from the Nicholas (finally!); cats a problem; The bed, and the state of room before must remain as is while that person is away at sea for six months; Waited all day for Marley but she never came

Patches to sew on.

Engineers are working Easter, I head– do I?


March 28, 2005  Monday

Bothered by waking up and Marley not being there; déjà vu to Sidney; email from her, mine to her and back again.

Owens goes out with Tabitha.

Water turned off on us because of unpaid bills, two kittens give away.

Get underway tomorrow?

Terri Shiavo in the news.


March 29, 2005  Tuesday

Might get underway…?  but didn’t…

Level of knowledge score while studing for E-5 exam: got an “80” score with Massetti’s help, “75” without.  Not bad.  Gordon’s literature quiz.  Bought Sahara Hotnights CD and some other music on the way home to the house.

Wrote to Marley… care, messages, never heard from her, (where is she?);  It left like a wasted night watching TV, everyone else went Hooters,: I had no energy for any of it.


March 30, 2005  Wednesday

Arson mattress fire in Operations berthing ( I can’t believe this place…)

Duty, on ship for the night, long watch, waiting, nothing from Marley yet again

April 1, 2005 Friday

Got to shooting qualifications (to stand watches) early, class not actually at that specific location, told to go shoot there anyway.

Waited until 1:30, too nervous because I take it very seriously, stopped.

April 3, 2005 Sunday

Duty on board, no watches since I wasn’t pistol qualified yet.

Pope John Paul II dies, watched on CNN
April 4, 2005 Monday

Elrod gets underway for the day. Had to stick around until 4:30, not told to do anything or to go anywhere.

Illinois lost to UNC, 70-75 (the national championship game).

Marley couldn’t come over again


April 5, 2005 Tuesday

Rented a game, movies: the Incredibles.  Good, but restless and a bit on edge.

Marley calls during a class, comes over after clinicals!
April 6, 2005 Wednesday

Learned a lot more about Candace:

Boyfriend (?) wants to see her this weekend, had a change of heart after ending it.

Needs a boyfriend during the winter when she is stuck indoors?

Tells me how she will break up with the next guy (me?)
Doesn’t go to many classes now, just goes to the tests.  Does very well anyway.

Does her routine every day, gym, shopping, email

Does feel good about herself; thought says will have to eventually “face Marley” but doesn’t want to do that or talk more about it than give vague allusions.  Seems to be escaping from something.
Rented Clockwork Orange, Field of Dreams, I am Sam, Marley couldn’t come over, busy; couldn’t say with what

April 7, 2005 Thursday

Drug investigation on my old ship the Nicholas, people taken handcuffed in for questioning. Moles(?) and …

Blanket on the front lawn, nice evening with Marley; Field of Dreams, she liked it

April 8, 2005  Friday

Marley and I clean my house together, kitchen, all the cat mess, back and front

Nicholas does not get underway, drug investigation (17 people), now to leave Wednesday.

Cleaned room, Marley over to house

April 9, 2005   Saturday

Marley leaves early, at 7:30 (to study), calls at nine that night, too “bad” to drive over after a BBQ to hang out, going to stay over in Hampton instead.  Calling Marley just after to check about camping next weekend I got her voice mail twice; didn’t return call.


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