Raised Bars and Clouds of Dust


July 13, 2006  Tuesday

You are defiantly living a charmed life, working for the summer on Capital Hill, I am happy for you.  It really must be amazing to meet people who will go down in the history books.

Gaining access to such a world is a nice perk, Marley, even if it is to crack through the mirage put in front of us.  If anything I have learned never to entirely trust what I am presented, that there is always something which lurks beneath, even for those I admire like both you mentioned, John McCain and Barack Obama.  Something tells me this is only the beginning for you, and one day people will be saying with pride that they have met you.
A few days ago while still at Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, I had to remark how much Europeans reminded me again of college, where everyone was so accepted, as opposed to America’s high school Letterman’s Jacket mentality.  With the taste of individuality in my mouth I can never remain in the States and must return to the Greater World when I have finished gaining from my home state’s veterans benefits.  And I know you will live outside our borders as well one day– how can the very person who inspired me to leave not as well?

You are doing me a great service, Marley, by writing me all of the remarkable things you are doing, making me all the more ready to explode once I am able to begin my own life’s work.  I take heart that a life can still amount to something if it begins by thirty, like Dostoevsky.  He spent nearly a decade in a Siberian prison before writing his masterwork.  Perhaps he can be my Saint of Eventual Relevancy.

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