June 11, 2006  Tuesday

It was a beautiful day, the sky cleared of skies of the island of Sardinia.  The outdoors itself is a blessing to my body.  I am amazed by the very large ship we are next to.  It is their home port, so they actually live here, and I can’t imagine being away from home for years.  I’ve asked about this, but it’s still too much.  But there is so much convenience on the large ship: a tiny laundry to do my own laundry, a store that has so much it has a small selection of DVDs and CDs (a splurged on my self and bought the Rollings Stone’s Exile on Mainstreet.

I’ve been very good about money; the savings haven’t come as I thought they would, but money for the most part I rarely think of.  Sometimes for a treat I’ll buy a package of Fishers Nuts & Fruit from our ship’s store, or a package of Bumble Bee Chicken Salad and crackers, but other than that I eat only when there are meals.  I would say I spend an average of about a dollar every few days on myself, but it will be so worth it, once I get to college back in Illinois, and I have some savings to be flexible with.  A new car will take about half of it, and about the first semester I’ll have to pay for before I am reimbursed later.  But this is a happiness too, that I will have a stash of cash to begin my life all over again with.  I have bought one souvenir for myself so far that I really like, and is safely packed away: a Sardinian flag I will have hanging in my college room in only a matter of months.

There are also new people that just reported on board, and this is another happiness to be noted, because… they are my replacements!

Tonight when we got back from the ship the new version of The Producers was played on the TV on the mess decks.  I couldn’t help but watch for awhile, thinking it was only yesterday we watching it together with my family in Peoria.  I remember now how I cringed with nearly every line, as my dad sat just below us. A big happiness to see it being played.

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  1. StephJ says:

    Great post and Happy Monday!

    I would like to invite you to take part in my Summer Book Giveaway!


    Good luck and have a great week 🙂


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