September 5, 2006  Tuesday

I’ve seen glimpses of the world.  I will have been on three continents, stepped foot in eight countries, with more to follow, and will have been within a few hundred yards of a few more.

I’ve actually slept quit a bit and had more than my fair-share of free time, thanks to what job I’m called on (or not) to do.  I will have read well over 50 books, and seen more moves than I would ever care to (I did like Interstate 60 a few nights ago, with all the great cameos).  I have to be thankful that at no time has email ever been the slightest problem, that I have Internet access at night (which has saved me–thank you, Tiffany’s, etc!) and no snail mail has been sucked into a black hole, coming or going.

My geography knowledge has improved.  I’ve come to create my own meals somewhat, making me more creative, perhaps.  I like both broccoli (with extra added cheese) and mushroom soup now (you really eat whatever you can).  I also eat sliced, raw mushrooms after meals that I swipe from the salad bar.  The fruit supply has been surprising to me, and I regularly have a variety of melons, mangos, and kiwi to eat.

We have a few stations of TV, one each of news, sports, and another variety channel that shows The Simpsons, The Office, Arrested Development– even Grey’s Anatomy if I’m lucky- and all the other top-rated programs.  Yes, a lot of this is wasted time, and I may never square the time I am having to spend away from home and those I miss; it is too important to me.  But it is an unprecedented, singular moment in my life when nothing is happening.  A pause, when I really can catch up on my reading and do a few other things I will never have such time for again.

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