Faint Flares in the Distance


August 3, 2006  Thursday

Berkey and I always give each other a hard time.  He’s in charge of mail and post office, so I have a natural hook-up there as well, which I have used on several occasions to get things to Virginia when it would have been normally “impossible.”

Tonight there was a spot across from Berkey at dinner, so I sat down and began talking to him.  He grabbed the pepper and sprinkled some on my meal.  I coolly said I liked pepper, then flicked a large part of my corn at him, littering the table. Then I went to finally get a cup, now that there were freshly washed.  When I get back my cherry pie (of all the pies he could have maimed!) had been peppered within an inch of its life, but under the crust so I wouldn’t see it.  I ask him to get me some new pie, which he happily went to do.

While he was gone I took his water and poured it in every compartment of his tray until everything was floating.  He didn’t quite notice this until a few seconds had gone by, but then he took my new piece of pie and poured my coffee onto it.  He then poured my water onto my tray, and said he had to leave.  It’s good to have friends.
August 4, 2006  Friday

It is like Christmas every time a huge shipment is brought on board.  People volunteer for this work actually, just so the packages can be sorted and given out all the sooner.  It makes me think of Christmas’s at Grandma’s, how the little kids would hand out all the presents under the tree while the older kids and the grownups watched them and took pictures.  It’s a bit embarrassing for the amount I get, between Mom and you, and I try to downplay it, but my name is called out probably most of anyone on the ship.  Today, for our division, I got three packages, Farrari got one, and Aguirre got one, and Martinez got one.  Massetti such a good guy and is always in such high spirits, he has been waiting for specific mail from his girlfriend for all of cruise.  He helped with the mail when he didn’t have to, and still it did not come.  That made just want to slink off quickly, but I gave a flimsy something about possibly tracking the packages, and then bought him a soda.

“Being Earnest”
August 4, 2006  Friday

Today, even though for 24 hours we are in Crete again, I am dedicating to reading.  Today’s mail call netted some excellent reading, and besides already reading Oedipus the King from my Norton Anthology, I have read the Oscar Wilde play home sent to me, The Importance of Being Earnest, and have started on The Time-Traveler’s Wife.  I will probably spend my entire weekend reading, and it will be fun to see just how far I will get.

August 17, 2006  Thursday

I’ve lost about 16 pounds since I left; the portions we’re given are so small, I’m down to 169.  That is eleven pounds less than I weighted as a new high school senior.  For a while I need to stop working out if I’m burning all of my calories just being alive.


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