Between Rounds…

November 1, 2006  Wednesday

Mom wrote and said that she only had eight kids come by the house last night in Elmwood, which seems an especially low number, since I would think some of her students would stop.  She said overall the numbers seems to drop every year.  I told her about your non-night too.   I wouldn’t be surprised if your Mom had the most Treaters of you all.

I am at my very last port ever, which I am not so much excited about, but relieved.  I suppose the “lasts” will start to come fast and often soon, and it will help a lot.

Hmmm… I am trying to picture you at the hospital right now, but I am having a hard time.  Are you mainly visiting the patients, or are you working more now with the medical staff?  I wish I had a better picture.  I wonder too whether you are in your (I think very cute) uniform, or in scrubs?

If no one has told you today or recently that you are doing a good job and you’re needing to hear it (sometimes I can just sense these things), let me right now:

Great job and keep it up, you’re almost reaching your end too!”


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