August 19, 2006  Saturday

How are you all?  I’m doing alright, sort of just another day.  I’ve been a little tired lately, and have been quiet recently as I go about my days.  It is nice to be more than halfway over, but there is still a long way to go, and I’m trying to pace myself and not get overly excited or get down (balance, Will, balance…).  I am reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and I often think now of my visit in February to Edinburgh.  It will be a short night again tonight.  Last night I was in bed by eight because we were up by four, and tonight I will try to be in bed by seven.  I am on duty today while in port, and I have the 2-8 watch on the quarterdeck tomorrow morning.  What a weekend, huh?  The most excitement I had all day, besides spraying a solid stream of water at pretendingly invisible attack boats this afternoon (a drill, don’t ask), was to  write to my future college, SIUE, and request my e-catalog to decide on classes.  What a party…

Anyway, Lt. Falzone was nice enough tonight to buy the duty section I am in pizzas for dinner (because if you are on duty you cannot leave the ship), and it was a very nice gesture.  Such a simple thing (right?), pizzas, but it’s a unexpectedly great gift, because it’s kind and thoughtful, which is a surprise to get suddenly here, and very welcome.  As I am writing to women, I should add that Lt. Falzone is a female as well- and I honestly doubt pizzas would be coming if she was not.  Everyone have a very good night, I’m going to go get some needed rest, and I’ll write letters tomorrow.  Let’s all find at least one reason to laugh today.



Magic Number: 85


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