SeaChange: Sink or Swim Part II


March 13, 2016  Sunday


You are certainly more prolific with your words than I am. Even your email titles have a literary quality to them. Since I am far shorter with my words, this will not be as long as your email.

From my viewpoint, those supporting Trump do make sense. I understand their reasoning totally. Does that mean I would vote for him right now. No.  Kasich, IMO, would be the best of those in either party still left standing. However, I do feel he does not have much of a chance.

As for the ruckus at recent Trump rallies, it was reported that a post on Facebook one week ago called people to come to protest at the Chicago rally— and to also try to disrupt the event from the inside too. And that is what seems to be happening. Protesting outside would be fine, but to try to stop the proceedings is wrong.

If you remember, Bernie Sanders had the mic taken from him at a rally  by 2 ladies with Black Lives Matter, and he was prevented from speaking at all. That is equally wrong.

Both sides need to cool off— let those who want to  hear a candidate do so— that is my opinion.

Sorry to hear that you cannot vote in your CT primary, being an independent. That seems so wrong.



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