Moving Forward to South Carolina (The Safest Buffet Item Available, Please)

February 11, 2016

I agree about the headlines you mentioned.  They both exist without the context of a two-person vs. dozen-person field (important!).  I would suggest keeping tabs by looking up the overall delegate (or the case of the Dems, the super-delegate) counts awarding from each state to really know who is winning over the next several weeks.  It’s funny though– the actual campaigns live or die just as much by the simplistic perception you alluded to.  That’s mainly the reason a smart pol will,understandably, try to talk-up a middling finish as somehow winning.  Needs those continuing , both the large and the many small.  Rubio actually pulled this trick off very well the night of Iowa.

But yes, Rubio.  May and I were watching that debate together , and as soon as he started to recite his spiel for a second time,  “But let’s dispel with the notion…,”  we both, in dawning surprise and horror, started to yell “No! Stop! Oh no! Quit saying that” at the computer screen for him.  When I think of how each candidate it doing I seem to take on the guise of a campaign manager that is backstage watching.  They must have been flipping out back stage.  I can just imagine Rubio, as he later stood there at the podium, replaying the moment of whenever he got that advice to just hammer home this one thought.  Strange… but he also in a way is getting a bit of a bum rap.  How so?  Well, what he did just looked odd for being a little more blatant, on a bigger stage, in quick-succession, and devastatingly highlighted by the quick keenness of Christie.  If everything was fair, Christie– as just one example but this is politically universal– should get the same derision for repeating a phrase like “boy in the bubble” the last two weeks or so. But Christie correctly spread out his standard line during town halls, TV appearances, ect.  I do think Rubio is talented enough to overcome it, however. Maybe. We’ll see.

Sure, Kasich– why not, right?  Without getting to talk to all Republicans throughout the country, I imagine you being quite representative of most other GOPers right now, as if not quite sure what the one best, tastiest, and stomach-safe item in a buffet might be…  In a way I’m a bit jealous– so many interesting choices!  Oh well, it’s just a different kind of go-round this time.  Kasich made planting roots for months in New Hampshire pay off, ala John McCain, but now he has to scramble to make his operation and name more robust in the South and West.  Best of luck, Gov’ner!

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