The Ramblings of Sidney

April 23, 1997 Wednesday

Today was Senior Skip Day.  Actually, it was quite successful, both at home and wherever abroad.  Probably a dozen people (of 44) were gone.  In World History Mr. Johnston was taking roll call, and for each person he would ask were they were.  Jake, one of the only ones there with me, kept saying for each one they had a doctor’s appointment.  With each duplicate answer it kept getting funnier and funnier until we can’t keep it together.

In Art I am making a second clay bird.  The first I made as a freshman.  I loved that bird.  I even named it Peetie.  Sadly, kiln-fired Peetie was misplaced one day, and I have never found him.  This time, Peetie II will be better taken care of.

I put the letter I wrote last night in Sidney’s locker before lunch.  I’ll get to that later.  Right now, I want to relate the lunch we had today.  Like everyday, “A” lunch is at 11:07, and so went go down to the cafeteria at the allotted time.  Once there, we found the lunch ladies hadn’t even started fixing lunch!  We all had to sit down while the lunch ladies scrambled.  Hoke, Sidney, Les, Reagan Potts, Aimee Leitner, and I went down to Mr. Marks at this time to straighten out all of the scholarships applications.  Lunch was frozen but ready at 11:40, and we were late for Government.  That wasn’t so bad.

During Government Sidney wrote this to me as I response to my letter:

“Well, first of all, I don’t want write about my siblings right now, but I will tell you later.  Secondly, a 47% is my lowest grade ever.  Is that so hard to believe?  Thirdly, although I think I catch on to things a little better than other people I still have to work hard.  Working hard for me is to put my best effort into what I do, not neccessarily putting all of my time into it. 

Why did I have trouble putting my jeans on?  It was because I was bloated.  That can happen.  It was just my had luck it happened at that time.  Are you glad you asked?  No, my journal is not edited, except for spell-checker (I am a terrible speller).  Furthermore, I am not copying your writing style.  I write like I talk.  I don’t have any philosophy or drama in my writing.  The humor is the only thing that is also in my writing (except my jokes are a lot more humorous than yours).  I have no idea what you meant by your last question.”

To Sidney:
You misspelled “necessarily.”  I ‘m better.**

Tonight we had two games.  The first was a varsity game, white the latter was JV.  I started right field and played three innings of the five total we played.  For my first at-bat, I walked to the plate and spied Assistant Coach Heinz along the third baseline.  He wasn’t giving me any signs.  After striking out, he motioned to me to come over.  In sort of a nice tone he asked me I was paying attention.  I said that I was trying to (there’s no good answer).  I knew I had probably missed a sign.  Heinz asked me what I had seen when I first walked up to the plate.  I said he hadn’t given me anything.  Correct. Then he asked what he had given to me before the second pitch.  ‘The second pitch…’ I though.  I had missed a bunt sign.  He didn’t tell me to run a mile tomorrow, but I’m going to anyway during the game.  My head hadn’t been in the game, and I need to take it upon myself to get it together.  I don’t have a lot of talent, so I need to work as hard as  can to contribute anything.

**from 2016: The irony is “necessary” is the word that has most vexed me my entire life, for some reason.

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