Life, Will Style

April 29, 1997

I got into Elmwood earlier than usual, after again dropping Dad off at work over in Knoxville, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I had been late.  Being an “A” day, my first “class” is Franch, and Mrs. Spacey is the “teacher.”  Most of the double period we spent in the library for the reports we are going to write. Let’s see, what should I write about…?  Like in a lot of classes, Art is also winding down.  My three clay birds are almost done, but I love Emma’s project.  She has redone an old chair, and then she is going to have us all sign it with paint markers.  She is going to take it with her college.  I’d like to do something like that too.  We finally have our Constitution “test” in Government out of the way (I half expected a Herbie Hancock question.  My guess was right).  Mr. Marks is getting after all of us to get in our scholarship applications.  I think I have a shot for at least two, but I won’t get many.  Other people are just too qualified, and I can’t compete with what they have to offer.  It’s alright, at least I’ll get some.

The idea today was to go to the track meet in Princeville after our game in Brimfield, after all the times Sidney has made it to baseball.  More on this later.

When I went to home to change for the game, I couldn’t find my glove or cleats.  I went to school again to check the other car (Mom’s, at the grade school), but when that was unsuccessful, I went home to call Brimfield.  It took three people ten minutes to find out if someone had found them in the locker room or someplace there.  I kept telling them it would be the locker room, if anywhere, but they seemed to have searched a large portion of the school (Well, that, and because I did them in Brimfield).  Coach Heinz had found them yesterday.  I guess I was too much in a hurry last night.  Anyway, Coach Heinz wants me to buy him a 20 oz. Pepsi for each item found.  Gladly.  It’s much better than being stolen, and maybe it will teach me to be responsible (he is also much bigger than me).  We beat Dee-Mack 10-1, and the game was over by 5:50.

I had asked Sidney when she should would be leaving for National Honor Society, and she had said about 6:45 from Princeville.  Going at a speed as not to waste time, I arrived in Princeville at 6:11, after getting behind a tractor half the way.  Imagine my surprise when I learned Elmwood had pulled out of the last events, and was already gone.  Do I deserve points for at least coming?  I was just about to leave, after again scanning the crowds for orange and black uniforms, when Holly Andrews appeared.  She said she was going to Illinois Central College, and Ainsley was now going to Eastern Illinois.  Whew!  Actually, now having seen her since November, I had forgotten how nice she was.  As I was leaving, she told me to say hi to Hoke (he’d just love that, so I will).  She said, “See you later,” and left, but I knew that would be the last time I would ever see her.  Before anything is thought, I must say that I barely knew anything more than her name.  It doesn’t really effect me, now, to know it’s a wrap.

On the way home, I forgot they’re widening sections of Route 8, even though I turn there every day.  As a result I had to head back around to Shissler Road, and I wasn’t home until 7:00.  Mom didn’t bring any food home, because, she said, I had told her I was going to the track meet after baseball (have to come home at some point to eat, right?).

In closing, here I am: starving, tired, and the tumor from this computer grows ever larger.








P.S.–I had a great time dancing.  I wonder if there are any places around here where there’s more of that (you hint, I can hint).  As long as it isn’t the Hub…   I also have a few other ideas

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